Pure Silver Rings

These rings are made using PMC – silver clay is made from reclaimed silver from the film industry (silver nitrate), which is then powdered and mixed into a clay binder. The tiny rings have shaped, patterned pieces around pure silver wire before firing (which burns off the clay binder). Please note, the tiny pure silver rings are softer than Sterling silver, so they can bend or get a little out of shape. Adds to the interest when a ring takes on the shape of your finger! These are not rings to be worn while doing dishes or gardening however as the surface and patina will be marked with rough use.

The larger rings are often solid PMC (including the band). Some rings have PMC toppers that have been riveted onto sterling silver ring shanks after firing. My Art rings also are riveted onto sterling silver bands.

The description under each image will give you more detail (images coming shortly)

Some pieces are adjustable sizing (within reason). Others are fixed sizes. I can adjust the sizing on some rings to make them a little larger if you know your ring size.  Not all my rings are round, some are oval, which makes a heavier ring easier to get over the knuckles and then sit straight over the finger.

I also make pure silver ear rings out of PMC which you can view here.

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