“I used to be a hot water cylinder”

Pieces of discarded hot water cylinders are cut out, hammered and shaped. Then layers and layers of Prisma Colors, pigments and wax are built up to make the focal piece, which is then assembled with components made from old copper pipe, electrical wire, silver wire and sari silk factory waste.  Some of the beads are hammered from copper pipe reclaimed from dead refrigerators, layers of patina built up over several processes.

All the silver wire I use is recycled silver, fine copper wire is reclaimed from dead speakers or electrical installations.

Bespoke Neckpieces

I also make talismans, which can focus on something you particularly wish the piece to imbue. I can incorporate old pieces of broken jewelry or items that have meaning for you, and usually there will be text, layers of collage or blessings and chants layered into the piece. There are some intuitive pieces that are made for general use, but they are more powerful when made individually using power objects or items of meaning for you.

Talisman Neckpieces come with a hanging mechanism or frame so they can be displayed when not worn.

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