Encaustic Bowls

These treasures are hand made bowls from paper clay I make using recycled paper and other waste materials.  Shaped and dried, then layered with pigments, encaustic wax, found objects, text, image transfers, memorabilia.

Encaustic wax is an ancient art process using hot beeswax and damar resin mixed with pigments to create a luminous “paint”. Each layer is burnt in, so one can layer up collages, pigments, or inlay objects, scratch back into the wax to create other effects. The Egyptian mummy portraits (100 AD!) used waxes and pigments so this is a very ancient art medium.

The tiny treasure bowls are perfect for ring storage or can be used for salt and pepper. Food or sweets can be displayed in the larger bowls but I would not recommend you use anything wet or to cut into the surface. The resin makes the wax fairly hard but is not designed as a cutting surface. They can be gently wiped out with a warm soapy cloth, but do not spray with any cleaners and do not immerse in hot water.

Bespoke Memory Bowls or Funeral Pieces

I will create a memory bowl for you of a loved one – the piece can contain photo images, text or poems, fabrics, lace, pieces of jewelry or any small items that bring to mind stories of your special person. To help me create something meaningful for you I will send you a list of questions that help you build a picture for me of the person you wish to honor and remember.

A memory bowl is also a wonderful gift for a newborn baby – I can incorporate scans, photos, text from cards, first thoughts etc. I have even made a bowl with a tiny piece of the umbilical cord layered in!

Funeral pieces can also be jewelry which can be worn or they can be hung on the wall – all pieces come with a method of hanging. I incorporate memorabilia pieces, such as pieces of jewelry, objects of meaning or items belonging to your loved one. Text, poems, images, words may be incorporated into the piece.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the ideas further:

beannied AT gmail.com

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