Art Rings

These larger rings are riveted onto a sterling silver ring shank.

Series One
“I used to be a Hot Water Cylinder”

The copper bowls on top of the rings is hammered out of a piece of discarded hot water cylinder into a bowl shape. Then I layer on text, low fired enamels, then wax and pigments.

Series Two

Encaustic bowl rings. The copper bowls are hammered out of hot water cylinder pieces, then layered with papers, wax, found objects, pigments, fabric scraps, leaves . . . . anything!

Encaustic Wax is a mixture of beeswax and resin, which is layered and fused, and hardens into a beautiful translucent sheen.

You can read more about the Encaustic process from my bowl pages.

If you prefer pure silver rings you can view my  PMC rings here.

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