Custom made Door Knobs Cupboard Or Drawer Pulls

Made from recycled copper wire, hand made paper clay, layered with encaustic wax, pigments, image transfers, papers, vintage text etc.

These knobs can be custom made for you to match your furniture or you can order a similar set based on existing designs. Please bear in mind each knob will be individual, they will not be exactly the same! I can layer in poems, text or images that have meaning for you, and can colour co-ordinate to match your decor if I have a sample colour to work with.

These knobs are better used outside of high use, though I am currently testing a knob fairly roughly to see how they wear. The wax and pigments will change slightly over time, the wax clears as it ages showing up the layers beneath, and our hands actually polish the wax giving more of a glow over time. So far my tests are holding up really well, but I would hesitate to recommend you use one on say a cutlery draw that has multiple use each day unless you clearly understand that the wear and patina will accelerate with high use. Of course this can be a desirable look!

I will post samples shortly, please bear with me while I finishing building this site!

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